Walking hand in hand on the beach, Gaurab-Jasmine's viral video just filled with sweet caress


BanglaHunt Desk: Jasmine Roy and Gourab will be at the top of the list of popular couples in the world of Bengali serials. They never hid their unrequited love from others. On the contrary, he swelled his chest again and again and said, 'I have done a lot of love, I will do it'.

If you peek at the social media handle of Jasmine or Gaurab, you will see various moments of sweet love between the two. The popular couple captured those moments on camera and shared them with the fans. Since they are both in the same industry, they were already in love.

As the days go by, Gaurab and Jasmine seem to be getting closer. Thus, the two never hid their love. They openly shared intimate pictures and videos on social media. But this time Jasmine and Gaurab seem to have broken all the fences.

This time again a video of Jasmine and Gaurab has gone viral. The video shows the two walking hand in hand on the beach. Wearing only denim jeans with shirtless glory. Jasmine is wearing a floral gown. The love of the two seems to be overflowing in the video. Netizens have also filled this sweet pair with love.

Earlier, Gaurab shared some pictures and videos on his social media handle. He captured the moment of intimacy and intimacy with Jasmine on the floor of the sheet. Jasmine is gently biting Gaurab's nose. Going to have fun kissing there again in love.

Posting videos and pictures goes viral. Netizens have filled the two with good wishes. Fans have always prayed that they would stay together like this. Many have even written that these two are so sweet that they are a little jealous.

Earlier, pictures of Jasmine and Gaurab playing Sindur went viral on social media. In addition to the actress' cheeks, the vermilion can also be seen in Sindhi. And so the question of the fans, then, did Jasmine secretly mend the marriage with pride?

The suspicion is further strengthened by seeing the picture of Lakshmipujo shared by the actress. She wore a yellow sari and a red blouse that day. In addition to a gold bangle in both hands, there was a red bangle that looked exactly like a pole. Seeing this, netizens have a fixed idea that marriage has already become Jasmine's. However, no vermilion was seen in his Sindhi on that day. Jasmine Gaurab did not open her mouth about this