Walking mile after mile for the online class, Sonu arranged a smartphone for every student!


Banglahunt Desk: Sonu Sood is winning the hearts of the people with one example of humanity after another. He started with the return of migrant workers to Lockdown. He did not stop helping people even after the lockdown. This time, Sonu handed over a smartphone to every student of Janadhya village in the online class.

Morni is a remote village in Haryana. The condition of the network in the village is very bad. In addition, most people do not have a smartphone. So students are forced to walk mile after mile outside the village to pick up other people's smartphones, so that online classes can be done.

Sonu Sood knew so much from a report written by a journalist. Just a day ago, he said that every student will get a smartphone tomorrow. The word did not break. On Wednesday, the students of Koti Government Senior Secondary School in Morni region got their smartphones in their hands.

Sonu's friend Karan Gilhotra handed over the smartphones to the school principal. The actor also spoke in a video call with the excited students on that phone. Sonu retweeted and shared the video.

Earlier, Sonu, who is an expert in the stick game that went viral in the lockdown, opened a school of her own as promised to her mother. There he will train children and women in self-defense.

The new school was inaugurated today on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. In gratitude to Sonu, Aji Ma named this school after her. He is very happy with this benefit of the actor. In his words, “I was playing stick games on the street to give food to the family in the lockdown. My son Sonu Sood opened the school for me. ”
Upon hearing the news of the opening of the school, Aplut Sonu said that he will visit his school soon.