Want to start new business? The most healed will run in these 5 cities of the country


शुरू करना चाहते हैं नया धंधा? देश के इन 5 शहरों में दौड़गा सबसे चंगा

India today has the third largest startup ecosystem in the world with over 90,000 startups. Image Credit source: File Photo

India today has the third largest startup ecosystem in the world with over 90,000 startups. In this too, there are 107 companies whose valuation is more than $100 million and their total valuation is $30 billion, which means they are all unicorns. But do you know which are the top 5 cities for starting a startup or a new business in the country?

Starting a new business is not an easy task. In this, not only the risk of money but physical and mental hard work also takes a lot. Although strategically, where are you starting your business, it is also a big decision. That’s why it will be very good for you to know about these 5 cities.

Top 5 cities to start a startup

If you want to start a business, then definitely see the list of these cities once…

  1. Bengaluru: This city is called the Silicon Valley of India. It is also given the noun of ‘Startup City’. This city is so ahead in trade and digitization that you get a great environment to work. It is the IT hub of the country and many startups from Flipkart to Ola have their foundation in this city.
  2. Delhi-NCR: The capital of the country and its surrounding areas i.e. Noida and Gurugram are also good places to start a new business. There is a whole sale grocery market like Khari Baoli and Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable market like Azadpur. While Noida is a major manufacturing hub for apparel, Gurugram is the IT city. According to the highest per capita income, it is at number three in the country. Start ups like Zomato and Snapdeal are the gift of this city.
  3. Mumbai: Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, is also a favorable place to do business. People from all over the country reach here to fulfill their dreams. Here even an area like Dharavi generates employment for lakhs of people. It is also the export hub of the country and there is a lot of scope for work related to trading. Startups like OYO, Book My Show started in this city.
  4. Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad, adjacent to Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, has a very old history in terms of trade. In the case of textile, machinery, chemical and pharmaceuticals, this city generates tremendous business opportunity. Companies like Zydus Cadila and Torrent Pharmaceuticals are the product of this city.
  5. Hyderabad: Hyderabad is the hub of many big companies of the country. Whereas International company Google, Microsoft, IBM, Dell etc. also express their trust on this city. This city also keeps its identity as an IT hub. Many startups have elevated themselves here, including Darwinbox, Urban Farmer.

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