Warrior Hardik Pandya's role as loving father, fans praise Hardik


Bangla Hunt Desk: Hardik Pandya has become a star in Indian cricket team this time. Hardik Pandya is one of the bright future of Indian cricket. When Pandya is on the field, he is always in a warlike mood. Hardik Pandya continued to rule the opposition bowlers with the bat. He loves to fight keeping an eye on the opposing team. But no matter how tough and aggressive he is on the field, Pandya is just as affectionate and cold-brained on the field.

During the series against Australia, Hardik Pandya said that his face was not seen well after the birth of the child. I have been away from my wife and children for four months to play in the IPL and the country. This time I will go back to the country and see the child well. Back in the country, Hardik Pandya was seen in the role of a responsible father. Already a picture has gone viral on social media where Hardik Pandya is seen feeding his son in a feeding bottle.

Posting this picture on social media, Hardik Pandya wrote, “After doing my duty for the country, this time I am doing my duty to the boy.” Seeing Hardik Pandya in this role, his fans have already filled Pandya with praise. Many have written, “Great thing, do your duty to the country and do your duty to the house with your mind.”