Was celebrating holiday by taking sick leave, caught red handed then lost job, now company fined 73 lakhs


Sick Leave लेकर मना रहा था छुट्टी, रंगे हाथ पकड़ा गया तो गई नौकरी, अब कंपनी पर लगा 73 लाख का जुर्माना

If you are planning to visit a tourist place, then first of all get your leave approved from the company. Otherwise, you may have to face many problems later on.

lost job

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If you have made all the preparations to go somewhere and the company is not giving you leave, then in such a situation, if you go for a holiday in the name of sick leave, then you may find it difficult to take such leave. Even your job can be in danger. Therefore, if you are planning to visit a tourist place and are going to book a ticket to visit, then first of all get your leave approved from the company. Otherwise, you may have to face many problems later on.

One such case has come to the fore in which an employee was celebrating holidays abroad by taking sick leave. When he was returning home after celebrating holidays, one of his staff saw him at the airport and told the company that he was traveling abroad on sick leave. He is not ill. He has taken leave from office by lying.

Know where is the whole matter

On getting this information, the company immediately fired him, but the removal of the employee from the job cost the company itself and a fine of Rs 73 lakh was also imposed on the company. Which the employee had to pay as compensation. Now you must be thinking that where is this matter. So tell that this matter is related to a tech company in Beijing, the capital of China.

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According to the report, the dispute started in July 2019 when Xu applied for two weeks of paid leave but due to work pressure, his leave was canceled by his manager. Xu told her manager that she had already bought tickets to travel to China’s southern island of Hainan with her child, but she was still not given leave. Interestingly, Xu was not a new joiner and was working with the company since 1998.

Took leave in the name of sick leave

Xu then applied for 14 days sick leave. He also provided a medical certificate stating that he was suffering from “vertigo and cervical spondylosis”, which made it difficult for him to walk. According to the medical certificate, a doctor had advised bed rest and neck exercises. This time the sick leave was approved. But, when Xu was at Hainan airport with his son, he was spotted by a colleague who alerted his manager. Xu was fired from the company on this basis.

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Compensation of Rs 73 lakh imposed on the company

However, Xu protested, claiming that he was traveling to recuperate and not for entertainment. He also applied for arbitration by the Beijing Chaoyang Arbitration Commission, which ruled in his favor and ordered the tech company to pay Xu Rs 73 lakh in compensation for illegally terminating his job.

employee lost compensation

Beijing’s Third Intermediate People’s Court found Xu had lied to his company and had no reason to travel given his medical condition. So the court upheld the dismissal and ordered the company not to pay compensation to Xu. Because a person named Xu Moumou opposed the company’s action at the Third Intermediate People’s Court in Beijing, but it was dismissed in mid-April 2023. And Xu also lost the compensation of 620,000 yuan (about 73 lakh rupees), which was given to him earlier.

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