Washed dishes abroad, started business back in the country! This person earns 2 lakh rupees per month

Banglahant Desk: Bijal Dabe, a resident of Vadodara, made his own pizza and provided work for 5 people. Despite having a diploma in computer engineering, he currently owns a pizza shop. The shop earns 2 lakh rupees per month.

He had to work very hard to stand on his own two feet. According to news sources, Bijal Dabe went to Kenya without getting any direction even after earning a diploma in computer engineering. At a hotel there, he started washing dishes and chopping vegetables.

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While working there, he met an Italian man who had come to eat at the hotel. The man offered Bijal Dubey a job at his pizza shop in the Congo. There he learned to make pizza and opened a pizza shop as a partnership.

Due to various problems in the Congo, he decided to open an Italian pizza shop back in March 2019. Starting work with less capital, today 5 more people are working in his shop and running their family. His shop now has about 45 types of pizza. He also earns about 2 lakh rupees per month. Leaving 40,000 rupees for himself, Bijal will pay the employees from the rest.