Washington hit six without looking at the ball, discovered a new shot: the video is viral

Washington Sundar grabbed everyone's attention as soon as he started playing in his debut match. Without looking at the ball, the Indian youth strangely converted the ball into six runs. Which is now widely practiced among cricket lovers.

It is noteworthy that Washington has played a beautiful 123-run partnership with Shardul Tagore. Which is undoubtedly admirable. However, the crown of this admiration fell when the no-look-six of the beautiful Washington was spread in everyone's mouth. Let me tell you, words like no-look-pass are very familiar in football.

But the import of no-look-six in cricket seems to be in Washington's hands. After reaching 54 runs, Washington Sundar hit a six over the mid-wicket.

And in this case, Washington made a historic shot without looking at the ball, which was immediately appreciated by the commentators. The video also went viral on social media.