Water was poured in so much hard work! Harbhajan Singh comments on opening a liquor store in Lockdown.


Lockdown has been going on across the country since the time when the corona virus was in its early stages. It has been almost a month and a half that lockdown is going on all over India. Meanwhile, the number of corona cases in India has increased in the last few weeks. That is why the Indian government has no choice but to step up the lockdown at the moment. So at the end of the second phase, lockdown has started across the country in the third phase. However, liquor stores have already opened in India.

The central government allowed liquor stores to open across the country in compliance with health regulations. However, on the first day of opening the liquor store without paying attention to the hygiene rules, the shop was overflowing with people. Forgetting the social distance, virtually everyone bought alcohol by rubbing hands, and senior Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh is outraged by the irrational behavior of the people of the country.

Harbhajan Singh wrote on this day for such behavior in liquor shops that the work that has been going on all over the country in compliance with the lockdown has been practically watered down with the permission to open liquor shops. Crowds were seen overflowing in liquor stores without following any social distance rules. It is very bad for the people of the country. The consequences are going to be very bad, Indians be prepared to see more terrible days to come.