Watermelon Halwa: Have you ever eaten watermelon halwa? Such comments started coming on seeing the recipe


Watermelon Halwa: कभी खाया है तरबूज का हलवा? रेसिपी देखते ही आने लगे ऐसे कमेंट

Halwa is such a traditional dish in Indian homes that is not only prepared and eaten on Teej-festivals, but it is also made and enjoyed on other occasions. But have you ever eaten watermelon rind pudding? If not, then a similar video is going viral these days.

Man made watermelon pudding

Image Credit source: Instagram/ manthangattani

In the era of Corona, everyone was locked in their homes… Dhabas, restaurants and hotels were all closed. Then those who knew how to cook a little bit. To satisfy his hunger, he started cooking at home. After this, when people saw that the food was being prepared well, then the experiments started. There was a time when people used to experiment with food so that the taste of food could be enhanced. But the people who started experimenting here and after seeing the result that came out, people were completely disgusted. A video of one such food experiment is in discussion these days where a person has made a strange pudding.

When you want to eat sweets at home and do not understand anything, you immediately think of halwa. This is an easy-to-make traditional dish, which is liked by everyone across the country. But have you ever tried watermelon rind pudding? If not, then a similar video has surfaced these days. In which a person made watermelon pudding. After seeing which people gave mixed reactions on it.

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watch video here

Manthan Gattani has shared this viral dish on Instagram. Who is a teacher by profession but a chef by hobby. He told how you can make watermelon pudding at home in a jiffy. To make this special dish, they have taken watermelon rind, one spoon semolina, sugar as required, almonds, one spoon gram flour, cashew, cardamom and a little ghee. After collecting all these items. The person made puree by grinding the rinds of watermelon. After this, put ghee in the pan and then roast dry-fruits in it. Then add one spoon of semolina and one spoon of gram flour and roast it.

After the things were well prepared, watermelon puree was added to it and it was roasted for ten minutes and then roasted dry fruits were added to it. After this the halwa was cooked till it thickens and after that it was garnished and served.

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