5 Ways To Find Optimism When Things Aren’t Going Quite Right

When you’re feeling down on your luck, it can be difficult to look on the bright side; however, believe it or not, there is a lot you can do to keep your head up during tough times. This article will share some helpful tips on how you can become more optimistic not just in the present but the future as well.

1. Don’t Dwell

 It can be easy to get trapped in a negative headspace where everything going through your mind is pessimistic in nature. It’s okay to try to learn from experiences that might not have gone as planned, but even if it’s easier said than done, it’s best to try not to get too fixated on the problems in your life.

2. Find The Good In “Bad” Situations

 As mentioned before, it’s acceptable to reflect back on negative situations but to learn how to be more optimistic you should try to focus on the possible solutions rather than the problems themselves. There’s a good chance that something positive came from it, such as meeting new people, developing a new skill, or simply getting your feet wet in something you’ve never tried before.

3. Connect With Positive People

 The people that you associate with can make a significant difference in how you feel, and while negative thoughts and feelings can make you want to isolate yourself from others, the best thing you can probably do is try to surround yourself with people who can help lift you up. Go out and have fun with good company and try to take your mind off of things!

4. Treat Yourself Well

 If it isn’t already, practicing self-care should be a priority, as this can have a significant impact on your mental health on a daily basis. Some examples can include getting plenty of physical exercise, having a healthy diet, creating good sleep hygiene, and engaging in other hobbies and activities that you find interesting. Also, including any of these things into your lifestyle can help you become more optimistic because you are making a positive change and can look forward to reaping the benefits of them.

5. Be Patient

Positive change doesn’t happen overnight, but if you make an effort each day to find more optimism in your life, you will develop better habits, and eventually, you’ll notice a change in your mindset. In the meantime, take smaller stepping-stones by following the advice shared with you in this article.

Additional Resources On Optimism

If you’re looking for more ways that can aid you in finding more positivity in your life, BetterHelp offers free articles like this one that is centered around the topic of optimism and what you can do to brighten up your days.

There are a lot of ways you can coach yourself and train your brain to think more positively and productivity even when you’re having your worst day, including learning how to practice mindfulness, which means accepting your thoughts as they come without giving them judgment. This can be done through meditation or by simply applying it during your daily routine – you can be sitting in your car going to work and focus on your thoughts as they’re happening presently. 

However, you’ll most likely see your best results if you dedicate mindfulness practice to a time and location where you relax and calm your mind.

You can also learn how you can also connect to licensed professionals who can provide you with emotional support and show you how to cope with stress. Also, mental health disorders like depression and anxiety are pervasive and can cause individuals to develop a pessimistic outlook, which can be hard to escape on their own. That’s where a counselor or therapist can be helpful, especially if you don’t have a strong support system in your life already.

By learning more about what can cause pessimism and how you can change your thoughts and behaviors, you can become more optimistic instead and have more productive strategies for when you’re feeling down; sometimes, it just requires some extra assistance.


Naturally, having positive morale is associated with better life satisfaction, and it’s also important for your overall health. Hopefully, these suggestions can help you find a silver lining in all situations in your life that cause negativity and can pave the way for a happier and more fulfilling future.