“We have not forgotten anything,” said Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Bangladesh (Bangladesh) has given a big shock to Pakistan, which considers itself to be omnipotent in the name of Islam. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reminded Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan of 1971. He also warned that Sheikh Hasina's country will never forget that Pakistan carried out cruel atrocities on Bangladesh in 1971.

Sheikh Hasina further warned that Bangladesh has not forgotten about the incident of 1971 but will take revenge if given a chance. And let the Pak government put this word in its head. However, if Pakistan thinks that they will be involved in any harm to Bangladesh by joining hands with the land mafia China, then they will make a big mistake. Because China can never be anyone's friend.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina further said that the issue of 1971 was also raised while talking to Pakistan's high-ranking official Imran Ahmed Siddiqui in Dhaka. Because Bangladesh will never forget that time. Various historical events between 1947 and 1971 can be known by reading the book. The Urdu version of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's book 'Unfinished Autobiography' has sold the most in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh did not stop here. He has raised the issue of Pakistan's oppression one after another in front of a high-ranking Pakistani official. Through this, all the tricks of dragging Sheikh Hasina into their party by trapping them in the net of words went into the water of high-ranking Pakistani officials. It is unimaginable even in a dream that those who are constantly carrying out terrorist attacks against friendly country India will be accompanied by neighboring friendly country Bangladesh – Sheikh Hasina has made it very clear.