We know what happened to Kim, we'll find out soon – Donald Trump

BanglaHunt Desk: Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, is being talked about. There are many questions about Kim's secrecy. The question also arises as to who will rule his next country. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said, “Kim is doing very well now. I wish him well. The media will find out about Kim soon. ' However, he did not want to tell the media about this right now.

In North Korea, speculation began about Kim's absence on April 15, the birthday of Kim's grandfather, Kim Il Sung. Although everyone was present on this special day in North Korea's political calendar, Kim was not present. Since the incident, questions have been raised about Kim's health. However, Kim led a meeting on April 11. The day after the incident was reported in the North Korean media, Kim went to inspect the Air Force fighter jet. But since then I have not been able to see him anymore, questions are being raised about his body health in various quarters. But is Kim sick?

According to US media sources, the 36-year-old North Korean dictator used to smoke heavily. That is why he underwent surgery. And since then he has been ill. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent experts from the country for his treatment. Although no news of Kim's whereabouts has been received from North Korea, a South Korean news outlet reports that Kim is in good health. However, sources said that he has gone to a resort in the eastern part of the country to escape the outbreak of corona virus.

But now the question is, who will be the new president of North Korea instead of Kim? However, in this case, the name of Kim's 30-year-old sister Kim Yoo Jung has come up. His sister was also seen next to Kim in several meetings. But in male-dominated North Korea, many feel they will not accept one woman's rule.