‘We want healthy relations, not conflict’, Modi Biden's friendship is like the sand of Jinping's eyes!

BanglaHunt Desk: Newly elected US President Joe Biden has formed a friendship with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Although previously known, the two have rekindled that old friendship after winning the election. But Chinese President Xi Jinping does not accept India-US relations at all.

Prime Minister Modi congratulated Joe Biden

After Joe Biden won the US presidential election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated him on tweets and on the phone. He also congratulated Vice President Kamala Harris of Indian descent. At the same time, various discussions were held with the Prime Ministers of the two countries on the development of the two countries.

The talks are about the development of the two countries

On the phone, Prime Minister Modi spoke with Joe Biden about climate change, cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region and, above all, tackling the corona virus. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Prime Minister himself tweeted this.

Xi Jinping proposed to Joe Biden

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping cannot accept this friendship between India and the United States. Although the Chinese government, which has been cornered by the rest of the world, has been silent for so long, this time it has made a proposal to the newly elected US President Joe Biden. “We want a healthy relationship, not a conflict,” he said. However, Biden did not respond to Chinese President Xi Jinping's offer.