We will fight together against terrorism and Corona! After sending aid to Afghanistan, Prime Minister Modi said


Bangla Hunt Desk: India has become a source of hope to other countries as they save their country in the fight against coronavirus. And during this crisis, India has become the savior by sending malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine to 55 countries of the world including America.

For this reason, the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani has thanked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his help. It should be noted that India sent food supplies and medicines to Afghanistan. And Ashraf Ghani thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this help.

In his tweet, President Ashraf Ghani wrote, “Thank you, dear friend Narendra Modi, for sending us five lakh hydroxychloroquine drugs, one lakh paracetamol drugs and 75,000 metric tons of wheat.” The first installment of wheat will soon be handed over to the people of Afghanistan. ”

In his second tweet, he wrote, ‘Thank you again for sending the necessary materials, including materials, as availability in India has increased. In the difficult times of Covid-19, the cooperation of friends will prove to be effective in helping us to fight this crisis and save our own people. ”

Reacting to the Afghan president's tweet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote, “India and Afghanistan are very good friends. Just as we fight terrorism together, we will fight Corona together. ” Note that India has now sent food items including medicines to many countries. According to the information received, India has compiled a list of 55 countries to which hydroxychloroquine will be sent. However, Pakistan is not among them.

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