Wearing a black short dress, Sunny sweeps the house in a hurry, viral video at the moment


BanglaHunt Desk: The popularity of Sunny Leone in Beetown is increasing day by day. He entered Bollywood a long time ago saying goodbye to the world of blue film and holding the hand of 'Jism Two'. Then one by one new opportunities came in his life.

Sunny has arranged her personal life as well as her career. No one is unaware of her ill-fated relationship with husband Daniel Weber. He cooperates with his wife in all matters. Sunny said this in her own mouth. All in all, her family is full of husbands, sons and daughters.

In addition to doing housework on the lockdown, Sunny regularly entertains fans by sharing photos and videos on social media. Sometimes she gets drunk with her husband Daniel and sometimes she shares dance videos. But this time the actress was seen in a completely different form.

Wear black short dress, with matching ornaments, high heels. When you suddenly see Sunny, it may seem that she is going out somewhere in this outfit. But no, he is actually cleaning the house after this dress. Sunny has to do her own work by running the lockdown. Sunny is playing with a little 'hotke' thought in her head when the unruly people are working on the comfortable clothes of the house. So he is wiping the house in this way.

Sunny Leone shared this video on her Insta handle. And as soon as it is shared, it goes viral. More than 1.5 million people have watched this video so far. There is a roll of laughter in the comment box. Netizens had a lot of fun watching Sunny's kandakarkhana.

Incidentally, he has recently started a show called 'Locked Up With Sunny'. He chatted live with different stars on that show. At the same time, there is a new photo shoot photo share. Sunny is now sharing unseen photos of the previous photoshoot.