Wearing a saree, the aunt did a dance, people made fun of her; Said – Earthquake is about to come


साड़ी पहनकर आंटी ने किया झन्नाटेदार डांस, लोगों ने बना दिया मजाक; बोले- भूकंप आने वाला है

Aunty danced in saree

Aunty Dance Video: all kinds of social media videos Get to see, some of which entertain people and some make them emotional. At the same time, there are many such videos which people are shocked to see. You must have seen videos related to dance. Many dances are such, after seeing which people’s heart becomes happy, while many dances also make people laugh and laugh. especially as funny dance Often seen in weddings. nowadays such a dance video There is a stir on social media, in which an aunty wearing a saree is seen doing a dance.

In the video you can see that drums are being played. Perhaps it is time to leave the house. During this, a woman starts dancing to the beat of the drum. Usually, if a procession is taking place, many women are seen dancing together, but here only one woman has made up for it. He has created such a situation that even the onlookers just keep watching. The confidence of the woman is also worth seeing and the energy too. She has shown amazing energy while dancing.

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watch aunty dance

This funny dance video of Aunty has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an ID named _adit_xs, which has been viewed 5.8 million times so far, while more than 84 thousand people have also liked the video. Various funny reactions have also been given.

One user has jokingly written that ‘Earthquake is about to come’, while another user has written that ‘Tuntun aunty is dancing in Chhota Bheem and Chutki’s wedding’. Similarly, a user has written that ‘aunty is in full confidence’, while another user has written that ‘aunty’s energy is saluted’.

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