Wearing hot pants and black tee, the actress stormed the rhythm of 'slow down'


BanglaHunt Desk: When you hear the name of sayantani guhathakurata, many do not understand at first. But when you see him, you will recognize all the one in Lahma. He is currently one of the most popular faces in the Bengali series. Sayantani has made an impression of his acting in several genres. The audience is liking him too. However, in the Bangla series, many different characters are seen in the scientist. People are also accustomed to seeing him in this form. So suddenly, the eyes of the netizens saw such an incarnation of the actress.
Wearing denim hot pants and black T-shirt. In this incarnation, Saiyantani was seen. He was seen dancing slowly with the music. He performed a lot of dance. Shortly uploaded this video to Facebook Actress. In the caption, he wrote, 'Accept the challenge'. The video has already gone viral on NetDunia.

In fact, Aparajita Aye first danced to this song. He challenged several other stars. This challenge is accepted by the dancer. He also gave the challenge to Om, Manami, Devporna, Samrat and Ridhish Chowdhury.

Slow-down song is now one of the most popular songs. Kartik Aryan and Ananya Pandey were spotted at the concert with the song 'Husband Patni Aur O'.

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