Wearing nominal clothes, a mischievous smile on his face, this viral image of Payal is adding warmth to the winter mood.


BanglaHunt Desk: Payel Sarkar is one of the most popular actresses in Tollywood. He has been in the world of acting for a long time. He has acted in several films so far. Even though he is over 30 years old, he has not talked about marriage yet.

'Happily Single' at 36 is this hot actress from Tollywood. Payal is like ‘old wine’. His attraction is increasing with age. Bold figure as dazzling form. He was able to increase the pressure of the man's chest.

Payal recently shared a picture again. She posed with a smile after wearing a light purple mini skirt and bra. In fact, it is an old photo of Payal. The actress told the netizens to guess the name of the film.

Notably, this look is from the song 'Hati Hati Pa Pa' from Pawel's film 'Vaizhan Alo Re'. Netizens have flooded the book with comments. As one writes, in this cold weather you are adding more warmth.

Earlier, Payal shared a black-and-white monochrome photo. The top two buttons of the white shirt worn are open. Deep cleavage peeks through its gaps. The actress is waiting for someone with her messy hair.

Payal Sarkar was captured on camera in such an appealing incarnation. Of course, his pair matched to share new pictures in hot avatars. Leaving the old look, he has now appeared in a completely unique way. And it goes without saying that netizens have liked this new look a lot.

It's not just the glamorous outfits and loud make-up that makes the photoshoot. He also knows how to bet on simple clothes. However, ‘Cherry on the Rough Top’ is undoubtedly Payel’s appealing look. That is why the whole net world.