Wearing red benarasi, worshiping Bengali look with vermilion in Sindhi, tumultuous viral hall picture


BanglaHunt Desk: A month has passed since the birth of the beloved son of the actress Puja Banerjee (puja banerjee). The son Krishiv was about two months old and within a few days. Although she introduced herself to the fans, the actress has not shown her face yet. Puja said that after performing some family rituals, the child's face will be shown in front of everyone.
This time the actress has shared some pictures of herself.

Seeing Pooja, it seems that he has gone back to that previous look. He was captured on camera in Lal Benarsi. She looks exactly like a Bengali girl with light gold jewelry and vermilion in Sindhi. He also said that he likes Lal Benarsi very much.

Earlier, Pooja was captured on camera wearing a bodycon dress six weeks after the birth of her child. Baby Fat showed up proudly. After the birth of a child, he does not have a toned body like before. But Pooja is not the bride to hide from the camera.

By the way, not just your own picture. Pooja also took some pictures with her son Krishiv in her lap. He is wearing cargo pants and a black t-shirt. With sunglasses on the eyes. The boy also wore matching cargo pants and a white t-shirt. Khudeke was seen sleeping with his face hidden in his mother's chest. Viral images as soon as shared.

This Bengali actress is one of the most popular faces in Hindi series. Pooja is playing the lead role in Jagajjani Maa Vaishnodevi serial. She has taken a short break after getting pregnant. Puja did not want to stop work at first. But he made this decision thinking that it would not be right to take any risk in this corona atmosphere.