Wearing short sports bra, pink glitter overflowing, Kareena shared a picture showing baby bump


Kareena Kapoor Khan has spent a long holiday in Himachal Pradesh since Diwali. She was accompanied by her husband Saif Ali Khan and son Taimur Ali Khan. Saif Karina has just returned to Mumbai a few days ago. It is known that the second child is going to come in Kareena's lap at the beginning of next year.

Before that, Begum Saheba of Bollywood shared the picture by showing the baby bump. Karina took a selfie showing a baby bump during a photoshoot for a popular sportswear brand. And sharing that picture on social media went viral. In the caption, Kareena writes, “We are two on the set.”

Kareena and Saif were recently caught on camera by a paparazzi in front of a clinic in Mumbai. Suddenly seeing Kareena come to the clinic, her fans became anxious? New members are coming to the Kapoor Khan family next year. Did the actress suddenly fall ill before that? Questions that keep coming up.

But it is known that there is no reason to worry. ‘Mom to be’ Karina is completely healthy. In fact, Karina returned to Mumbai for routine check-ups during her pregnancy and went to the doctor's clinic. Saif was like a shadow with his wife. Like the first pregnancy, the actor was seen taking care of Kareena even before the arrival of the second child.

Incidentally, before returning to Mumbai, Kareena and Saif took their son Taimur for a walk in a local village and a tea estate in Palampur. All those pictures have gone viral on social media. The firm on which Saif Kareena's trip was organized shared some pictures on Netdunia.

In the photo, Kareena poses smiling with some people from the local village. Saif Kareena has also been seen sitting down to eat with everyone. The parents of the two stars have also been captured on camera with Timur in front of the tea garden. These pictures are now viral on social media.