Weather News: Fear of severe disasters, storms and rains will continue


Banglahant Desk: On Wednesday morning, the city dwellers woke up with strong winds and rain. The Meteorological Department forecasts that the weather will continue for the next 48 hours. The rains will continue in the morning in the southern districts. There are also two separate pressures on the state.

Yesterday morning in Kolkata city, the maximum temperature was around 33 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was around 25 degrees Celsius. A special change in temperature is not going to be noticed on Wednesday. The maximum temperature will be around 33 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature will be around 25 degrees Celsius. The effects of storms and rains are felt across the state, the weather office said. There is also lightning as an advance payment. The wind can blow at a speed of 18-20 km per hour.

But the question is, will this depression increase coronary heart disease?

According to Dr. John Nichols, professor of pathology at the University of Hong Kong, there are three things that the corona virus does not like: sunlight, temperature, and humidity.

“Sunlight will reduce the virus's ability to grow in half, so the half-life will be 2.5 minutes. Sunlight is really good at killing those viruses,” Nichols added. Thomas Pittsmann, a virologist at the Deutsche Welle Germany Center for Experimental and Clinical Infection Research, also said that the coronavirus is not very heat-resistant, which means that the virus breaks down quickly as the temperature rises.

Although researchers in India do not agree with this theory, Parthapratim Majumder, director and scientist at the National Institute for Biomedical Genomics, said, “There is still no scientific basis for the spread of the virus with rain and heat.”

Due to the low pressure in the Andamans during the last few days, the mercury has not been able to touch the maximum line even in the full moon. Again due to the arrival of Cyclone Amphan, the amount of water vapor in the air is much higher than the humidity. Due to which there is a possibility of Kalavaishakhi with heavy storm rain on Tuesday and Wednesday in some parts.