Wedding line in Tollywood, these popular star couples are getting married next year


BanglaHunt Desk: The wedding season has started in full swing as the situation in Corona has become somewhat normal. He likes tollywood too. A few days ago, popular actor Anirban Bhattacharya lost his bachelor's badge. Today, it is the turn of another actor Gaurab Chatterjee to get married. The bride is longtime girlfriend Deblina Kumar. After Gaurab-Deblina, a number of popular star couples are going to get married next year as well.

Neel Bhattacharya Trina Saha– Neel Bhattacharya (Neel Bhattacharya) and Trina Saha are the most popular couples in Tolipara. The two have been in a relationship for quite some time. They are getting married on February 4 next year. However, the reception will be held on 14 February. The two have also matured for their honeymoon destination. The honeymoon of blue grass dreams is going to be in Greece.

Pramita Chakraborty in Rudrajit Mukherjee– Not too late for marriage Another popular couple Rudrajit Mukherjee (rudrajit mukherjee) and Promita Chakraborty (promita chakrabartty). The couple is going to get married on February 14, Valentine's Day. Rudrajit Promita's registry wedding will be held at a resort in Purulia. With that, the engagement and the ring will change.

The two have already visited Purulia with their families. They have come to look after the pre-wedding shoot spots and resorts in the hills of Ayodhya. It is learned that Rudrajit and Promita's industry colleagues and friends will also attend the registry function. If the situation in Corona is normal, the couple plans to have a social wedding next year.

Emon Chakraborty Nilanjan Ghosh– The engagement has already healed. However, Iman (iman chakraborty) is not getting married now. It has been learned that he will get married at the beginning of next year if the Corona episode is a bit sweet. He will get married to Nilanjan soon after marriage.

Emon's son Nilanjan Ghosh is a music director by profession. The two have a long acquaintance. But the love started in December last year. Emon and Nilanjan have been in love for almost a year.

Gaurab Roy Chowdhury Srima Bhattacharya– Gaurab Roy Chowdhury (gourab roy chowdhury) and Srima Bhattacharya (shreema bhattacherjee), two popular stars of Bengali serials. Both have acted in several serials so far. Although no work has been done together yet, the two are already in love with each other. Their talk about marriage, the marriage was postponed due to lockdown. However, they want to get married next year or the next year.