West Bengal: Ban on The Kerala Story in Bengal, Mamta Banerjee said – the story of the film is fabricated


The Kerala Story:

Kolkata: ,The Kerala Story, The debate about is not stopping. The film is surrounded by harsh comments and criticism one after the other. Meanwhile, the topic of the film also came up in the press conference of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Mamta Banerjee expressed her anger towards the film. He said that this story is fabricated and he announced to ban the film. On the other hand, Union Minister Anurag Thakur Responding to this, he said that may God give wisdom to Mamta.

The Chief Minister said, ‘What is this Kerala file? I do not support people associated with CPM, but I support people. After this he said harsh things about CPM.

The story of The Kerala Story is fabricated – Mamta Banerjee

The Chief Minister said that she would discuss the matter with the Chief Minister of Kerala. Mamta Banerjee said that CPM members will also tell her about the BJP with whom they work. He said, ‘That group is showing the files of Kerala. The story of Kerala is a distorted story.

However, Mamta Banerjee also claimed that West Bengal is being targeted after Kerala. He said that he has information that the next target is Bengal. Bengal file will be created with West Bengal.

He said, “I have been told that after this the files of Bengal are being prepared. First they insulted the people of Kashmir. Then the people of Kerala did it. Now it is the turn of West Bengal.

The film may disturb the communal harmony of the state, said Mamta Banerjee

The Chief Minister of West Bengal has expressed apprehension that this film may disturb the peace and order of the state. This can be a hindrance in communal harmony. In the order given to the Chief Secretary, it has been said that if any film is shown in any hall of Kolkata, action will be taken against it.

In the order issued by the state government, it has been said that if this film is running in any hall, it should be removed. Otherwise action will be taken against him. However, despite the controversy surrounding ‘The Kerala Story’, there are many people in favor of the film.

Amit Malviya attacked Mamta Banerjee over the ban on the film

Attacking the Mamta Banerjee government over the ban of the film, Amit Malviya, the central co-incharge of the Bengal BJP, said that The Kerala Story is a true story based on the lives of the victims. Go and watch a movie with your daughters.

Recently, Shabana Azmi also commented on the film. He had said that he is against the boycott of this film. According to him, those who want to boycott it are like those who had earlier boycotted ‘Lal Singh Chadha’.

Let us tell you that this film is made on the subject of conversion of Kerala girls and militant yoga, the film was released across the country and created controversy. Along with the whole country, this film was also released in Kolkata on May 5, but exactly three days later i.e. on May 8, the Chief Minister announced a ban on this film. The Chief Minister said that this film was funded by the BJP.

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