What a mess! Viral video of new wife Trina dancing to ‘Tumpa’ song in front of her father-in-law’s house


BanglaHunt Desk: Neel Bhattacharya and Trina Saha have been married for just three days. Trina went to her father-in-law’s house and made everyone very close. In the meantime, he has won the hearts of all the in-laws by making tea. But the grass is the grass. I’m a little noisy, dance (dance) if you do not sing and get married! So at the father-in-law’s house, he rocked his waist with the viral song ‘Tumpa’.

A video on social media is going viral right now. As can be seen in the video, Trina danced to the tumpa song in front of everyone at her father-in-law’s house on the night of Bauvat. Neel was also seen shaking his head in the background of the song. However, he did not join the dance with his wife. A few friends of the couple have filled that gap. This video has been shared from Neel Trina’s fanpage.

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Earlier, Trina was seen dancing to Tumpa songs with two nuns in a wedding dress in Kharakuto serial. After wearing a red tuktuke lehenga, she swayed her waist to the tune of a wedding dress. This time Trina did not leave her father-in-law’s house to dance even in real life marriage.

From pre-wedding ceremonies to post-wedding ceremonies, netizens have no end of excitement about Neel Trina’s newly married life. The photo of the couple’s rice cloth ceremony went viral on social media yesterday. Some pictures of the night of the flower bedOh Has gone viral on social media.

On this day, Trina was seen wearing a white thin bangle. With hand ornaments on the head. The blue grass is wearing a garland around their necks. The flower bed was also beautifully decorated with red and pink rose petals. The newlyweds were captured on camera in a very cheerful mood.

Incidentally, the reception on February 14 is right, but as expected, the blue grass was blown away yesterday. On the day of Bauvat, the weaving of rice cloth starts from the morning. Nikhil decorated the bronze plate with rice, pulses and fish head and handed it over to his new wife Trina. Sajen Trina in a green blouse with a red-green combination sari. With a body of jewelry and vermilion in glitter.

Trina is also seen growing ghee rice on the leaves of her family including her husband Neel. Not only that, on this day all the people of the in-laws’ house have tea and spelled grass by themselves. It is quite understandable that after the marriage, the actress has left the ‘chulbule’ mood and become a mature accountant.