What did people eat on the Titanic ship? 111 years ago menu card went viral


Titanic जहाज पर क्या खाते थे लोग? 111 साल पहले का मेन्यू कार्ड हुआ वायरल

Titanic Food Menu: You must have known about the Titanic ship, which sank in its first voyage. A film has also been made on it, which was a super hit. Nowadays the food menu of this ship is becoming very viral on social media, seeing which people are surprised.

menu card of titanic ship went viral

Image Credit source: Instagram/tasteatlas

Titanic Food Menu: Titanic ship There are discussions all over the world. When this ship was sunk in the sea, it was in discussion even then and it continues to be discussed even today. It was considered the largest ship in the world at that time, which had set out on its maiden voyage, but it also became its last voyage. It is believed that this ship collided with an iceberg in the dark night. Atlantic Ocean I was drowned. There are many such things related to that ship, about which people still want to know. Nowadays one such information is becoming very viral on social media, knowing about which everyone is surprised.

Do you know what the passengers on Titanic used to eat and drink? You might not know, but the pictures of its food menu, which are going viral on social media these days, are very much discussed, in which it has been told that what kind of food was given to the second and third class passengers aboard the ship. In the pictures, you can see that the second class passengers on the ship were given things like fruits, rolled oats, fresh fish, fried eggs and fried potatoes for breakfast, while tea and coffee were also arranged for drinking.

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You can also see the food menu of Titanic ship

Whereas, third class passengers were given oatmeal and milk, bread and butter, eggs and tea, coffee for breakfast, while rice soup, bread, biscuits, sweet corn, boiled potatoes, sweet sauce fudge and roasted beef were given for dinner. used to go. Apart from this, many things were given to the passengers to eat, while the food of the first class passengers was the best, which had more items.

These pictures of Titanic’s food menu have been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an ID named tasteatlas, which has so far received thousands of likes and users are also giving different reactions. One user wrote, ‘It is interesting to see that this difference between the menu for each class is still basically the same’, while another user wrote, ‘Nowadays even third class breakfast is fine for me. Will remain’.

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