What did they write on the front page of WhatsApp's huge advertising newspaper?

WhatsApp is in danger due to its new privacy policy. Many people are leaving WhatsApp at the moment and leaning towards apps like Telegram, Signal. In order to maintain their popularity in this situation, WhatsApp placed advertisements on the front pages of several leading newspapers.

As an alternative to WhatsApp, apps like Signal are coming up very fast at the moment. A Reuters report, citing data from the sensor tower, indicated that the Signals app had been downloaded by more than a million people on Android and iOS devices in the past two days. Also, in the first week of 2021, the new installation of WhatsApp decreased by 11 percent.

Due to this declining popularity, WhatsApp has made its statement by advertising on the front page of the newspaper. In it, WhatsApp claims that respect for human privacy is in its DNA. Describing itself as a leader in providing end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp says it supports personal communication between people. WhatsApp assures that they will not be able to hear the user's phone calls, read messages or view photos, videos or documents. Facebook doesn't do that either.

Although WhatsApp's new privacy policy shows the exact opposite, it shows that the app will share multiple important issues with Facebook, including financial transactions and location. Which can put many users at risk if shared. Even before this, information has been stolen from Facebook more than once. Many have left WhatsApp for fear of its repetition.