What Industries Need Automotive Technicians?

If you have a passion for cars, mechanical or technical work, and love working with your hands, a job in the automotive industry has everything you need for a fulfilling and exciting career. The automotive industry is booming, and new advancements are making the building, repair, and maintenance of vehicles more lucrative than ever.

A career choice as an automotive technician offers many benefits, such as excellent pay, diversity in the workplace, advancement opportunities, job security, and exceptional employment opportunities.

The Role of an Auto Repair Technician

Automotive technicians are more than just mechanics, though the two are very similar. Mechanics tend to do more hands-on work, such as changing brake pads and performing oil changes, while auto repair technicians spend a lot of time with computer-related diagnostics and other repairs. According to the experts at Universal Technical Institute (UTI), “While a technician does handle mechanical concerns, a lot of what they do is not mechanical, it’s electrical or software or other.”

If you’re wondering where you can work in the automotive industry as a technician, the list is quite extensive. Here are a few of the top industries that need technicians in the automotive field.

Car Dealerships

Even brand new vehicles suffer from breakdowns and have to be maintained regularly, and car dealerships are an excellent place to begin your career in the automotive repair industry. Car dealerships have a significant demand for skillful and certified auto technicians to diagnose, repair, and maintain the vehicles they lease or sell.

Automotive Repair Shops

Working as an automotive repair technician at a large or small repair shop can lead to great advancement opportunities. Another benefit of working as a technician for a repair shop is that you can gain a great deal of experience in vehicle diagnosis and repair and receive a lot of hands-on training. Today’s auto technicians must have experience and quality training in vehicle diagnosis and repairs, and small independent shops are a great place to start.

Farm Machinery and Heavy Equipment Service Companies

Repairing and maintaining farm equipment and heavy machinery may not be as luxurious as repairing high-end cars and other vehicles. However, this type of automotive specialty work is in high demand. Farm and heavy equipment manufacturing companies need auto repair technicians skilled in this type of diagnosis and repair work, and technicians in this field earn excellent pay and often travel to rural areas.

Trucking Companies

The trucking industry is massive, and large diesel trucks must be maintained and repaired like other vehicles. What sets the trucking repair industry apart from automotive repair and farm and heavy equipment repair is that trucks travel many miles per year. With so much time on the road, trucks must be kept in top running condition, which requires an automotive technician specializing in diesel engine and truck repair and maintenance.

If you’re looking for a great hands-on job and love working with cars, trucks, and other vehicles, learning to become an automotive technician may be the right career path to suit your needs. Well-trained auto repair technicians who have an aptitude for mechanical, computer, or electrical systems will always be in high demand, with plenty of room for job growth and advancement opportunities.