What is DNA? Know DNA Full Form in Hindi and complete information related to it.

What is DNA?

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DNA Full Form in Hindi Contains “Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid” This human body is a very complex structure. It is constantly being researched and discovered, which gives many surprising results. Our body stores the memories of our ancestors. Species differences found in humans and other animals are the result of this. Do you know about what is DNA, otherwise read the post completely.

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There is more than one interesting fact in DNA Kya Hota Hai in Hindi. Every day one lakh to 1.5 lakh DNA is destroyed in our body and new DNA is born in its place. The DNA of each species is also different. It depends on the number of chromosomes.

Meaning of DNA, DNA in Hindi, DNA definition, where DNA is found, how it works, DNA full form, if you want complete information related to DNA, then our article What is DNA (What is DNA) Read DNA in Hindi till the end.

What is DNA?

What is DNA? The full form of DNA is “Dioxyribo Nucleic Acid”. The body of every organism is made up of innumerable cells. DNA is a biological unit present in every cell of organisms. It transfers the properties of the organism from one generation to another. DNA is found in the center of the cell of living organisms. It is a long circular shaped ladder-like biological molecule, which is present in all types of organisms as a form of life. It is responsible for the development, growth, reproductive function of life.

DNA exists in our body in the form of chromosomes, which contain the basic unit of genetics, which are transferred or transmitted from one generation to the next. Before birth, the child receives DNA from both parents. We get our mitochondrial DNA only from our mother, not from our father. Mitochondria are located outside the nucleus of the DNA cell.

The hair color, eye color of a person can be traced through DNA. Along with this, he also gets to know about what diseases he may get in the future. DNA is passed on from generation to generation, hence it is called immortal. It is an individual characteristic of any living being.

After knowing about DNA Ka Matlab Kya Hota Hai or what is DNA called, the curiosity to know about DNA Full Form in Hindi would have increased in your mind and would also be wishing to know who it was made of. So let’s know about it in detail.

DNA Full Form in Hindi

DNA is an organic acid composed of nitrogenous bases. DNA Ka Full Form – “Dioxyribo Nucleic Acid” and DNA Full Form in Hindi – “Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid” is. It is considered a nucleic acid because it is found in the nucleus.

Functions of DNA

How does DNA work? And in the main function of DNA, it produces many types of RNA, which operate and control the process of protein synthesis. The role of DNA in the cell is the storage of information. Various enzymes act on DNA and copies its information in DNA replication. The main function of DNA is to encode the sequence of amino acid residues in proteins using the genetic code.

(DNA Kahan Paya Jata Hai in Hindi) Where is DNA found? The definition of DNA in Hindi is being explained further. Read the complete article to know DNA Ke Prakar.

Discovery of DNA

DNA was discovered in 1953 by two scientists, James Watson and Francis Crick. For this discovery he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962. DNA encodes the genetic characteristics of a living organism. In most plants and animals, DNA is found in the form of compacted structures with ribonucleic acids and proteins, called chromosomes, residing in the cell nucleus.

DNA Structure

If the DNA of a person is opened, then there is so much DNA in a person’s body that its length can come from Earth to Pluto and from Pluto to Earth. 1 gram of DNA can store up to 713 bytes of data. 99.9 percent of people in the world have the same DNA. The structure of DNA is called double helix. Through DNA Structure in Hindi, you must have been able to understand DNA very well. DNA is the most important unit of our body.

Friends, if you do not know how many types of DNA are there, then through this article DNA Details in Hindi you will know that there are mainly three types of DNA found in organisms.

  • A – DNA: A – DNA is counterclockwise coiled, it is found in four ages and the distance of the base pair is 130 from the coil.
  • B – DNA: Four pairs are also found in this type of DNA. The distance from their horoscope is at 20 distances.
  • Z – DNA: The coil of this type of DNA is not counterclockwise but clockwise coiled. In this, it is named Z-DNA because of the zig-zag appearance of each coil.

DNA Ke Rochak Tathya

Next we are going to tell you some interesting facts about DNA Ke Baare Mein.

  • Cheek cells, urine samples and blood are used for DNA testing.
  • Every day around 1,000 to 10 lakh DNAs are destroyed in the body.
  • The DNA present in the human body is similar in structure to the DNA of bananas, cabbage and chimpanzees.
  • The most surprising fact is that only one spoon of DNA can keep the information of all the species in the world.
  • Internet data from all over the world can be stored in just 2 grams of DNA.
  • There are twenty thousand to twenty five thousand genes in the human body.
  • DNA is present in every human cell. When cells divide, DNA makes a copy of itself so that each type of DNA can reach each type of cell.
  • If the DNA is spread completely, it can come back 600 times from the earth to the sun.
  • The DNA of all humans is 99.9 percent the same.
  • DNA can be destroyed by the sun’s UV rays.

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