What is T.A after D.A.? Government employees are counting the days of fear


BanglaHunt Desk: Last Thursday, the Modi government announced that the Expensive Allowance (D. A) has been suspended for the time being. Dissatisfaction is already growing among the employees. Besides, there is a rumor on social media that the Transport Allowance or T.A. of the central government employees may be suspended. However, the government has not yet commented on the matter.

Incidentally, the central government has said this year that the D.A or expensive allowance for central government employees is being increased by 4 per cent. Dearness Allowance will be given at this rate from the first day of FY 2020. In other words, the central government employees were supposed to get the increased DA along with the March salary or pension.

But in the Corona situation, there is continuous bleeding in the country's economy. In this situation, it has been decided to suspend the increased allowance. The Modi government's decision is expected to affect 49.26 lakh central government workers and 61.18 lakh pensioners.

On its way to Delhi, the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has already said that the extended Mahargha allowance, which was supposed to be given in early 2020, has been postponed for the time being. As a result of this decision of the Uttar Pradesh government, 16 lakh government employees, 3 lakh teachers and 12 lakh pensioners will be affected.