WhatsApp may be turned off on your phone in a few days


Every year the apps come up with some important updates as per the rules. It brings these apps to meet the needs of the customers in time.

However, the advantages and disadvantages of this new update are both Just as this new update opens up many new horizons for users, the new version is no longer supported on some phones.

WhatsApp is no exception. It is known that in the next few days, a big update is coming to WhatsApp, as a result of which WhatsApp will no longer run on some Android and iOS phones. If your phone is on that list, you can no longer use WhatsApp from your phone. Take a look at the full list

Samsung Galaxy S2
Motorola Droid Razr, Iphone 4s
iPhone 5
LG Optimus Black
HTC Desire
Iphone 4s
iPhone 5
Iphone 5c
Iphone 5s