When are you getting married? Khushlamkhulla North Susmita Sen with boyfriend Rohman!

BanglaHunt Desk: Sushmita Sen (Susmita Sen) has not made a film in Bollywood now, but her popularity has not waned at all. On the contrary, it is increasing day by day. Sushmita, 44, is like 'old wine'. Her glamor is increasing with age.

Sushmita has been living with her boyfriend Rohman Shawl for a long time. Rohman has got engaged to the actress and her two stepdaughters Renেনে and Alisha. The actress often shares pictures and videos with her 15-year-old boyfriend. They have brought their love in front of everyone without hiding it.

Fans have no end of speculations about the marriage of Sushmita and Rohman. This time Khullamkhulla spoke about her marriage. Sushmita recently came to Insta Live with Rohman. He answered all the questions of the fans in a live session of about 6 minutes.

One of the fans sat there and asked, when are Sushmita and Rohman getting married? Before answering, the actress first asked her boyfriend, “When am I getting married?” Rohman replied, “He will come and ask.” On hearing this answer, Sushmita said with a smile, “We are coming to ask our neighbors.”

Netizens have liked this funny answer of the actress. Sushmita answered their statement without getting angry. The video of this live session is now going viral on social media.

Earlier, Sushmita had said that it was very strange that she met Rohman. Rohman sent him a message on social media. Usually the actress does not see the massage but luckily saw it that day. From there the conversation and then slowly rolled into love.