When I went to toss, India was scared to see me, strange comment of Imran Khan

Conflict between Indians and Pakistan in cricket matches is not a new thing, maybe every Indian or Pakistani can feel it while playing. Former Pakistan captain and Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted in this regard. Here Imran Khan said, I feel bad for the Indian team because we often beat them.

The Indian team was under a lot of pressure. When I went to toss with the Indian captain, I looked at him (the captain) many times. I saw fear on his face. But in those days, our rival team was not India.
And this comment of Imran Khan seemed like a laugh to many.

He said the two teams have played 59 Test matches so far. At the same time, Pakistan has won 63 of the 132 ODIs played between the two teams. Pakistan has won 12 of them.

After all, he also admits that India has always been at the top of the World Cup and that is why Pakistan has never beaten Team India in any format of the World Cup.