When lawyer Genji came to the hearing later, the judge was fueled online


BanglaHunt Desk: A lawyer in a domestic shirt went to court. And seeing that, the judge became very angry. In that anger, he sat down to reject the bail application of the criminal. But the hearing date was postponed keeping the last mesh cool. The lawyer was reprimanded for contempt of court.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to lockouts across the country in most cases. In other words, he is doing his office work at home under house arrest. This is how the work of the court is going on. Even the verdict of the trial is going on. In this way, while the online trial was going on, the lawyer went to the video conference hearing in a domestic vest, and the judge got angry when he saw him. He was even angry and was going to reject the client's bail plea.

The incident took place during a video conference hearing of a case in the Rajasthan High Court. Lawyer Rabindra Kumar Paliwal came to work in the court while he was under house arrest. Justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma was overwhelmed when he saw Ulik wearing a vest. The lawyer was reprimanded by his client for contempt of court.

The judge was angry over the incident and was going to reject the client's bail plea. But as the situation suddenly heated up, the judge managed to postpone the hearing to May 5. The situation was handled immediately.