When NASA's 31 computers failed, the Indian calculated faster than the machine


There is no pair of Indians in arithmetic. From Aryabhatta, the inventor of zero, to Shakuntala Devi, the human calculator, we all know many things. But did you know that there was an Indian who calculated faster than a NASA computer.

It is said that when NASA sent people to the moon in 1989, all 31 NASA computers were shut down during the landing. At that time, an Indian mathematician confirmed the first human step on the moon by calculating the speed faster than an instrument. He is Vasishta Narayan.

It is known that he was so addicted to arithmetic that at one time arithmetic became the cause of his mental illness. For about 40 years he suffered from a mental illness called schizophrenia.

This man with extraordinary talent is full of ups and downs in life. This man who once worked for NASA later got lost in the darkness of oblivion.

Vasishta was born in a very poor family in Bihar But scarcity never lost its brilliance. While studying at the Science College in Patna, he misunderstood teachers during math classes. Later he went to America and after finishing his education he got a job at NASA

He has also taught at IIT India for a long time. He was also a professor at ISI Kolkata. He was associated with the best institutions in the country The man suffered from mental illness at an early age and died in 2019. Until his death, his meditation was only mathematics.