When the game of ludo arrived, the husband broke his wife's spine


BanglaHunt Desk: What could happen if ludo is not on the list of favorite games? Besides, there are very few people who did not quarrel while playing ludo. But this time the quarrel went to a serious stage. The husband broke his wife's spine in anger.

It is learned that the man advised his wife to play ludo online so that he would not hang out with friends. He kept losing to his wife day after day. Argument is tied at one stage of the game. Soon that argument turned into a scuffle. Losing his composure, the man brutally beat his wife. As a result, the young woman was seriously injured in the spine.

According to sources, the man was not financially well off. His wife used to run the family by teaching tuition. From there, inferiority complex was created in him. That inferiority complex has manifested itself after losing to his wife one after another.

Although the accused in this case has apologized. Even if he admits his mistake, if his wife complains, he may be arrested on that basis, according to police sources.