When will the epidemic stop! WHO chief Gabresas informed

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona infection is on the rise all over the world. Russia has officially announced the vaccine, but it has not yet arrived. Continued death procession. In this context, at a press conference in Geneva, the WHO chief made important remarks about when the situation will come under control.

Corona virus pandemic china

WHO chief Tedros Gabres told a news conference that he was hopeful the epidemic would be brought under control in less than two years. He said it would take much less time than the Spanish flu, another global epidemic that happened 100 years ago.

Why not compare it to the Spanish flu? WHO chief Gebresas said the Spanish flu, which broke out in 1918, was not as severe as the corona, mainly due to the underdeveloped communications system at the time. He thinks that the improvement of communication system is one of the reasons for the rapid spread of corona infection.

“As the communication system has improved in the last 100 years, so has our medical system,” he said. With the help of advanced technology and science, it will be possible to prevent corona in a very short time

In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin has told the world about the success of the world's corona vaccine. This is the first time in the world that a corona vaccine has been recognized. It is learned that the government of the country will start mass production of this vaccine in a few days.

However, experts in other parts of the world have expressed doubts about the vaccine. They say the final trial of this vaccine is not over yet. The final clearance did not match. Earlier, the Russian government announced the vaccine.

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