Whether it is IPL in India or not, the complaint was filed in the Bombay High Court


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona virus infection is on the rise in India at the moment. Due to the corona virus, the IPL is going to be held in the United Arab Emirates this time. The petition was filed in the Bombay High Court this time, not on the soil of Amirshahi but on the soil of India.

A Pune lawyer named Abhishek Lagore has filed a complaint in the court. It has been said that if this year's IPL is held abroad, it could be a cause of huge financial and revenue loss for the country. He also mentioned that IPL is one of the main sources of income for BCCI.

According to sources, lawyer Abhishek Lagore has introduced himself as a blind fan of cricket. Abhishek told the Bombay High Court that the world was in a state of disarray because of Corona. In such a situation, if the IPL is held in Dubai, then the brand value of the IPL this year will be many times less than that of the 2019 IPL. This year's IPL is going to start from September 19 in Dubai.