Whether on-screen or off-screen, no one dares to attack them because of the hot mood, see the list of 'Angry Young Men'.


BanglaHunt Desk: Many people know about the hot mood of Bollywood stars. There are many stars in Bollywood who lose their patience after drinking lime juice. Maybe no one gets the courage to lose them.
All these popular stars are known for their extra warm temperament. Take a look at who is on this list.
Salmon Khan– There is nothing new to say about Salman Khan's mood. It is known that even in the smallest matters, his head gets hot very quickly. It is rumored that during his relationship with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, he misbehaved with the actress in front of everyone. Salmon even put his hand on his body.

The actress got involved with Vivek Oberoi after Aishwarya Salman's break up. Then Salman called Vivek and his father in a drunken state and misbehaved. Such a complaint was made by Vivek. Later, the nephew also slapped Katrina Kaif in front of everyone.
Sunny Deol– Sunny Deol has been seen playing the role of 'Angry Young Man' in most of her career films. He played a character who was very emotional and easily lost his temper.

But in real life, Sunny is completely different. He does not lose his temper in any matter. Instead, Sunny likes to think and act. It is heard that Sunny Deol is very humble and sweet speaking in real life.
Nana Patekar– Like Sunny Deol, Nana has also played a serious role in several films. In real life, he is similarly heavy. He expresses his thoughts in all matters, no matter how cruel he may be.

However, Nanar was not known to misbehave with anyone like Salman. Instead, he has given away everything for the benefit of the people.
Amitabh Bachchan– The word 'Angry Young Man' seems to be the most admired by Amitabh Bachchan in the Bollywood industry. He has been seen playing this role in many films. All those characters have become very popular even today.

But in real life, Big B is completely different. Everyone is of the opinion that there are not many stars in the industry who are as expressive, polite and humble as him.