Whether the field is empty or filling, Virat Kohli is always the best; Aussie spinner Nathan Lyon.


Right now, the Corona virus is widespread around the world. All tournaments in the world are closed because of the Corona virus. It is believed that if the Corona virus does not go out of the world, then cricket will continue to play in the field. In such a situation, the Indian cricket team is expected to visit Australia later this year. It is believed that if the situation is not normal then the series shot in India vs Australia will be in a blank gallery.

If India vs Australia series is on empty ground, will India captain Virat Kohli be able to adapt? Or will the Indian captain Virat Kohli be at a disadvantage if the match is in a blank gallery? Aussie leg spinner Nathan Lyon answered this question.

Aussie leg spinner Nathan Lyon says Virat Kohli is a world-class batsman. So if the field is empty or the admission does not seem to be a problem for Virat Kohli. According to Lyon, such a batsman as Virat should always play his best, regardless of the circumstances of the world. But if the India vs Australia match is shot in the empty gallery, then everyone will notice how Virat Kohli himself weaves in and brings out his best in this blank gallery.

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