While cultivating the land in Uttar Pradesh, a treasure trove came up

In Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, a farmer got the fruits of his labor before plowing the land. The farmer named Nazim was plowing his land. At this time the tractor itself got stuck. When he pushed the tractor forward, Nazim saw silver coins and jewelry scattered there.

Seeing the hidden treasure, he got down from the tractor and started looking for more. After a while he discovered a pitcher nearby. But all the people around looted all the coins. The farm owner and Nazim did not receive a single coin.

The owner of the farm Shawkat Ali lodged a complaint with the police. He said he rented a tractor to cultivate the field. A man named Nazim was cultivating the land. Jewelry and coins were found there, which were looted by the locals.

Police raided and recovered some coins from the people there. The recovered coins will be deposited in the state treasury, police said. Coins are said to be contemporary to the 19th century. It is also known that experts will intervene in the matter. The recovered jewelery and coins weighed about 2 kg.