While plowing the field, the plow got stuck and a huge amount of money came out of the ground.


Banglahant Desk: When I went to cultivate the land, I stopped the plow, I dug the soil and showed that there is a lot of antiques wealth below. Although it seems like a story, it is real. One such unbelievable but true incident happened recently with a farmer from Zahirabad in Sangardi district of Telangana.

Digging into the ground is a treasure trove

Yakub Ali, a farmer from Yargadapalli village, was digging soil on his land for crop production. While digging, his plow suddenly collided with something hard under the ground. Out of curiosity, a huge amount of jewelery came out after digging some soil. Gradually the crowd of people goes after him to show the precious things.

Ancient treasures are recovered

A number of ancient treasures came from earthen China. There are ornaments of gold, silver, and copper, as well as many rare and precious rare gems. An ancient ornament filled with a bronze vessel. Surprisingly, Yakub Ali immediately disclosed the matter to the local administration. They went to the spot and carried out further excavations and recovered 25 gold coins, necklaces, rings and metal utensils.

It is feared to be the wealth of the Nizam's era

In ancient times, Zahirabad was the first capital of the Nizam of Aurangabad on the road to the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. The richest Nizams of the world lived in this region. The Golkanda mine is also the source of the world famous Kohinoor diamond. Therefore, it is feared that all the items found in the excavations may be from the Nizam era. However, the police recovered all these rare items and sent them to the archeology department. Experts will look at all these gold coins, ornaments and metal utensils to determine the duration of these items through testing.