'Who gave him the responsibility to protect Hinduism?'


Banglahunt Desk: Actor Mukesh Khanna recently took a sharp look at Sonakshi for not knowing Ramayana. The actor is happy to be back on lockdown's public TV series like Ramayana and Mahabharata. In his words, “Those who have not seen this series before will have the opportunity to see it this time. People like Sonakshi who know nothing about the epic will also be helped. People like him don't even know who Hanuman brought to life. “
This time, actor and former cabinet minister Shatrughan Sinha opened his mouth. He abducted Mukesh Khanna in support of the girl. In an interview with a news agency recently, the actor said, “I think there is a problem with Sonakshi not answering Ramayana. First, who made them Ramayana expert? Who made him the protector of Hinduism? “

He added, “My three children are proud of me. Sonakshi himself has reached the top of fame. I have nothing to do with her. All parents want a girl like Sonakshi. Not being able to answer an Ramayana does not mean that he is not a devout Hindu. He does not have the responsibility to prove himself to anyone.
Relatively, Sonakshi stumbled upon a question regarding Ramayana at the Kaun Banega Crorepati ceremony. That is why Mukesh made this reference. However, he could not be seen to open his mouth in this regard.

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