Who is the rapper to dress up as a cat at the Met Gala 2023? Who said in answer to every question – Meow


Met Gala 2023 में बिल्ली बनकर पहुंचने वाली रैपर कौन है? जिसने हर सवाल के जवाब में कहा-म्याऊं

doja cat met gala 2023 cat look

held in new york met gala 2023 Celebs on the red carpet attracted everyone with their unique dressing style. This time the theme of Met Gala is famous fashion designer. Karl Lagerfeld was laid in honor of Since the death of Karl Lagerfeld, many stars have arrived on the red carpet in the look of his cat, including doja cat Attracted everyone. Doja Cat created the complete cat look from face to dress. Even he gave all the answers by saying the sound of the cat as ‘meow’.

Doja Cater, who reached Met Gala 2023, is a well-known American rapper-singer. At the gala event, Doja Cat grabbed everyone’s attention with her feline look. Doja wore a white and silver cat style gown. The gown had cat ears. Not only this, Doja also made a prosthetic cat face. Doja’s backless silver gown was designed by Oscar De La Renta.

More than Doja’s unique look, her answer is going viral on social media. When questions were asked to Doja on the red carpet, she replied by saying ‘meow’. In the video, Doja was asked who designed your dress? How excited are you about this event? Have you attended the Met Gala for the first time? Doja responded by meowing in different styles.

This video of Doja is getting a lot of love. More than her dress, fans are reacting fiercely to her cute video. Actress Anushka Sharma also could not stop herself from sharing this video on Instagram after watching it. Anushka has written while sharing this video. I liked this way of talking on the red carpet.

Doja Cat Tv9

doja cat met gala 2023 look

Doja has shared many photos and videos of her Met Gala look on Instagram. Doja stepped into singing in the year 2014. His hit tracks include songs like ‘So High’ which caught everyone’s attention all over the world including America.

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