“Who said we are a Chinese company? Stop spreading lies in our name ”is the head of the mad‘ Dream11 ’organization


BanglaHunt Desk: The Chinese Red Army attacked the Indian army in Ladakh like a coward. Then anti-Chinese slogans rose across the country. The Indian government has called for a boycott of all Chinese goods. As a result, every person in the country is disgusted with China. As a result, the BCCI was forced to remove the Chinese mobile manufacturer Vivo from the title sponsor in this year's IPL.

With the removal of Vivo, a new title sponsor of this year's IPL has been taken. The new title of this year's IPL is sponsored by the mobile gaming fantasy app 'Dream 11'. However, questions are also being raised about the new title sponsor of the IPL in various quarters. Many have claimed that the new title sponsor of the IPL ‘Dream 11’ also has Chinese investment. So what is the benefit of removing Vivo? He indirectly joined the IPL with Chinese money. So did the BCCI break up with Vivo?

This time Namal himself is the head of ‘Dream 11’. He asked who said we are a Chinese company? China has no contact with us. We are totally an Indian company. Our entire market is all over India, our company has grown in the Indian market. Also the 400 employees working in our company are all Indians. We have no relationship with China. Only one of our investors is Chinese. This does not mean that we only run on Chinese money or that we are a Chinese company. So stop spreading lies in our name.

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