Who says the mother of a son! Sravanti stormed the men's heart in a Thai high slit gown, an extremely viral picture

BanglaHunt Desk: Srabanti Chatterjee is one of the most glamorous actresses in Tollywood. He has sat on the wedding pedestal more than once. Son Abhimanyu is also young now. But Sravanti's age is decreasing instead of increasing! The actress is trying to make the fans turn their heads with light make-up.

At the moment, the actress is in North Bengal for work. Shooting of Bangladeshi film 'Protest' is going on. Bangladeshi actor Shant Khan is opposite him in the film. The shooting ended before the lockdown. Sravanti said that the only reason left for the shooting of a song is in North Bengal.

From there, Sravanti continues to share one picture after another. The responsibility of turning a blind eye to the glamorous actress in a blue slender strap gown. She was also captured on camera wearing a black gown. Sravanti shared the photos on her social media handle. And with the share it goes viral.

By the way, Sravanti is going to start all over again in the new year leaving all the past behind. No matter how difficult the past, the rate should not be accepted. That is what the actress thinks. He recently shared a picture. Sravanti shared a picture of a tattoo painted on her back.

Below a picture of the Buddha is written, ‘No matter how difficult the past is, it can be started anew’. “Inspirational,” he wrote in the caption. However, it is not known whether Srabonti got this tattoo on her back or not. But did he really forget Roshan in the end? Sravanti is going to start her life anew? Although he did not give any answer.

On the other hand Roshan Singh also said that he has no contact with the actress' wife. But at the end of the day, his speech, which has been good jannayai. Although some netizens are not ready to give up now about the two.