WHO will launch a joint operation with India to defeat Corona as well as control polio


Bangla Hunt Desk: Coronavirus cases in India (INDIA) Coronavirus are on the rise, and so far the case has crossed 12,000. And the World Health Organization (WHO) came to India to control the epidemic. The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, welcomed the move.

India has already lost the polio-like disease. The World Health Organization could easily benefit from the plans that were adopted when losing polio. The World Health Organization and the Ministry of Family Welfare will work together to fight Corona this time. The World Health Organization's State Polio Surveillance Network will work to strengthen Covid-1 Surveillance, while emphasizing the network's staff immunity. This network will help to fight tuberculosis and other diseases.

The Ministry of Health and the WHO have launched an operation in collaboration with the South East Asia National Polio Surveillance Network to fight Corona, as well as improved procedures and ways to defeat Corona, just as India lost it. According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, more than 2 million people worldwide have been infected with the coroner virus, and 4 million died from the virus.

WHO chief Tedros praised the campaign led by Indian Health Minister Harshavardhan and her. He welcomed India to join hands with the World Health Organization. He said that if we work together in peace, we can certainly win the battle against this epidemic. India lost to polio in the 21st. Health Minister Harshavardhan said that even then the Government of India and the World Health Organization worked together and achieved victory.

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