Whom will India support in the election of ICC Chairman? Indications match board sources

Bangla Hunt Desk: Shashank Manohar's term as ICC chairman has already expired. He has submitted his resignation letter. At the moment, the post of ICC chairman is completely vacant. The ICC will get their new chairman next December. Only two people have been nominated for the new ICC chairmanship, Greg Berkel of New Zealand and Imran Khoja of Singapore.

The biggest question at the moment is who will the BCCI support for the post of ICC chairman? According to board sources, BCCI will not support New Zealand's Greg Berkel, but Singapore's Imran Khoja.

Because if New Zealand's Greg Berkel takes over as ICC chairman, it will be good for the Indian Cricket Board because Greg Berkel has already made a number of promises to the Indian Cricket Board. That is why the Indian Cricket Board will benefit if he takes over as chairman, so the Indian Cricket Board will support New Zealand's Greg Berkel for the ICC chairmanship. Greg Berkel has expressed interest in doing a bilateral series which the Indian Cricket Board also wants. That is why the BCCI has expressed interest in making Greg Berkel chairman of the ICC. Although there is still a month to go, it is not possible to say anything right now.