Whose body has been burned, she is not our daughter! Claims abused family


Bangla Hunt Desk: The victim's family in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, on Saturday filed a complaint against the Special Investigation Team alleging that the accused had joined the conspiracy. The victim's family has demanded that the investigation be overseen by the Supreme Court. The mother of the late 19-year-old girl said that her body was not handed over to her after her death. He called for an inquiry led by a Supreme Court judge and said they had no confidence in the CBI and the SIT.

The victim's mother said, “Even after I begged, they did not allow me to see my daughter's body. We do not want a CBI investigation. We want the case to be investigated by a Supreme Court judge. We will not do narco test, we have never changed our statement. ” The Hathras district administration allowed the media to enter the village on Saturday morning.

Speaking to the media, the victim said, “First of all, whose body was buried that night? That was not our daughter's body. We did not see our daughter's body. Why do we do narco test? We are all telling the truth, we want justice. Let the narco test of DM and SP. They are lying. ”

The victim Baudi said, ‘SIT did not come to us here yesterday. They arrived on Thursday, and it was from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The district magistrate repeatedly said that the girl's death may have been due to corona, which is why we stopped talking and going there. Why didn't we show our daughter's body? We don't rely on SITs because they are involved with the administration. “

“We did not talk to any political leader about our family,” she said. I don't even want to see any political leader here. We want justice for our daughter. ”