Why are Meta employees unhappy with Mark Zuckerberg, only so many people expressed their trust


Mark Zuckerberg से क्यों नाखुश हैं मेटा के कर्मचारी, सिर्फ इतने लोगों ने जताया भरोसा

Due to the global recession, many big companies have laid off their employees. The layoffs also include Meta, owned by Mark Zuckerberg. In which people have been laid off on a large scale. Due to this the employees of the company are unhappy with their boss. According to Mark Zuckerberg, only 26 percent people trust him. Mark Zuckerberg, who owns Meta, has failed to win the trust of his employees. Very few people have faith in his leadership. Let me tell you, Meta has removed people from its different platforms in several phases.

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Revealed in the survey

The employee survey conducted by the company found that only 26 percent of the employees expressed confidence in Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership. According to the report, there is a decline of five percentage points from October 2022.

The internal survey was conducted even before the last layoff at the end of May. In addition, 43 percent of responsive employees said they feel valued. Let me tell you, there has also been a decline of 15 percent in this. In total, the company has shown the way out to more than 21,000 people so far. Employees working in Meta said that the company hurts their confidence. The drop in trust can be attributed to the layoffs carried out by Meta in the last seven months.

retrenchment effect

Meta started the first phase of layoffs in November 2022, which led to layoffs of 11,000 employees, which was about 13 percent of the entire workforce. This was followed by the second phase of layoffs, with the social media giant announcing that it would lay off around 10,000 employees over the next two months.

During this, Zuckerberg told Meta’s employees how he plans to bring the company back on track. At the all-hands meeting, he offered an explanation for recent layoffs and laid out for the first time a vision that the meta in artificial intelligence (AI) would make his virtual reality job easier.

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