Why Bengali cricketers like Riddhiman Saha and Mohammad Sami were not auctioned? KKR supporters are bursting at the seams

Bangla Hunt Desk: This time the IPL started a little better, but as the IPL has come to an end, the Kolkata Knight Riders (Kolkata night riders) have come to a standstill. KKR has performed absolutely disappointingly. After supporting the favorite team for a long time, the KKR fans are no longer able to keep their heads straight when they see that the team has to come back even after going to the play-offs. Many are venting their anger through social media.

Venki Myser, the only KKR CEO, is responsible for KKR's disappointing performance. This is what several die-hard KKR fans are claiming. Who was present at the auction of their claim? Why don't Bengali cricketers like Riddhiman Saha and Mohammad Sami fall in their eyes. Those who are performing for other franchises instead of Bengal. Why Riddhiman Saha, Mohammad Sami have been replaced by cricketers like Rinku Singh, Karun Nair.

KKR CEO Venki Myser is solely responsible for KKR's disappointing performance. In a franchise, team coaches and cricketers do not sniff during team meetings, but KKRE is the only team where the team CEO sniffs between coaches and cricketers at every team meeting. They also claimed that if Bengali wicketkeeper-batsman Riddhiman Saha had been included in the squad, a cricketer like Dinesh Karthik would never have had a final flop in every match. Besides, their demand was that if Bengal pacer Mohammad Sami was in the team, there would not be such a state of bowling in Kolkata today. KKR is losing matches that have been won over and over again by bowling with inexperienced bowlers like Kamlesh Nagarkoti and Shivam Mavi. The KKR supporters are pointing fingers at the team management for what the KKR team could have done better if it had an experienced bowler like Mohammad Sami in that position.